Friday, 13 July 2018

array_push() merging multiple array

That's because you're adding a non-object to the last element of the array.
Here i suppose you get an array of objects with the name property
$competition_all = Competition::all();
Here you add a key=>value pair to the last element of the objects array
$newCompete = array('name'=>'Others');
array_push($competition_all, $newCompete);
Here you walk through the array of objects and when it comes to the last element the "$competition_games->name" has no name property
foreach ($competition_all as $competition_games) {
            $this->competition_games[$competition_games->name] = $competition_games->name;
Try something like including a stdclass for it like :
$newCompete = new StdClass();
$newCompete->name = 'Others';
array_push($competition_all, $newCompete);

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